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Member Testimonials

How Can You Benefit From UVHBA Membership?

Find Out What Our Members Are Saying:

Member of UVHBA:

"A national organization that has millions pledged each year, over 160,000 members nationwide, hundreds of lobbyists working on Capital Hill, and countless others giving volunteer time to see that I stay in business.  The UVHBA is the best deal ever!"

Honored to be a member,

Paul Magleby
Magleby Construction
Member since 1978

Why I’m a Member of UVHBA:

"I have found that being actively involved in the HBA has increased my company’s professionalism, promoted networking, and helped me grow as an individual.  I know that it has had a positive effect on my reputation as a contractor.

I have gained many friends through the UVHBA and even though they are often my competitors, we have often worked closely together for the betterment of the construction industry in our area.

When I am looking for a new trades-contractor, I always check the membership directory of the UVHBA first, knowing that these members hold themselves to a higher standard in the industry.

Not only is the HBA a local association, but I also enjoy the benefits of being a member of our state and national associations.  I believe that being a member of the HBA gives each of us an opportunity to stay on the cutting edge of our industry; to promote better construction practices; to encourage green building opportunities, and to strengthen our communities."

Honored to be a member,

Michael D. Parry, President
Michael D. Parry Construction Co. Inc.
Member since 1989

Why I’m a Member of UVHBA:

"Members of this association spend countless hours working with building officials and city, state and national representatives to develop fair and safe building standards.

Through various classes and seminars offered by UVHBA, members are able to stay abreast of the latest code changes, innovations and technological advances in the building industry.

The UVHBA understands they are one of the key voices for the building industry’s future in Utah Valley. "

Honored to be a member,

Dale F. DeLlamas
DeLlamas Construction
Member since 1990

Why I’m a Member of UVHBA:


"The very first contact I had with the Utah Valley Home Builder’sAssociation was when they awarded me a scholarship to continue my education in Construction Management.  When I attended the luncheon to receive the award, I realized that this was an organization that really cared about giving back to the community and to the industry in which they were involved.  Several students from BYU, UVU and other Colleges received scholarships that day and the organization also mentioned a home they were building to help raise additional funds for other scholarships.  After a little investigation, I found out that every year around Christmas they also did several home improvement projects to help less fortunate individuals and they build a Habitat for Humanity home every couple of years with donated labor.  At the time I thought to myself, “when I get out of school I want to be part of that group.”

That was over 15 years ago.  And while a lot of things have changed since then, the HBA’s dedication to give back has not.  All of these programs not only still exist, but have grown to bless even more lives than they did back then.  I’m proud to be a member of the UVHBA; proud to now be part of the group that reached down to grab my hand when I was just getting started.

In addition to service, the Home Builders also keep an eye on our local, state and national governments, provide an easy way for me to continue learning about the profession I love, and help me foster relationships with some really great people.

And if all this wasn’t enough, there are some pretty sweet discounts you get from HBA partners simply for being a member.

Honored to be a member,

Paul Ashby
Magleby Construction Inc.
Member since 2003

Why I’m a Member of UVHBA:

"Winning the Utah Valley Parade of Homes® People's Choice Award for the last 4 years has been a nice "feather in our cap", but more importantly, it gives us the added exposure of being on the front cover of the Parade magazine.

I have been involved with the Parade of Homes® for many years.  It is the single most important marketing opportunity I have each year."

Honored to be a member,

Matt McEwan
McEwan Custom Homes
Member since 2004

Why I’m a Member of UVHBA:

Membership in the Utah Valley Home Builders Association has been incredibly beneficial over the years. I have been able to meet and develop relationships with new subcontractors, vendors, and other industry partners. The Parade of Homes is always a wonderfully run event and has been the single-best source of exposure to the local market. Membership in the UVHBA has also opened doors into the National Association of Home Builders where I have been able to join a Builder 20 Club that has helped further develop and grow my career as a professional in the building industry.”

Ezra Lee
Ezra Lee Design Build