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About Us

The Utah Valley Home Builders Association is the leading company in Utah actively working to protect, preserve and promote Utah housing and individuals working in the construction industry.


Even if you aren’t a homebuilder, chances are you will benefit from being a member of the Utah Valley Home Builder’s Association. Our members range from landscapers, interior designers, banks, auto dealers, and include accountants and carpet cleaners. Did you know the UVHBA was co-founded by our own Governor Herbert’s father, Duane Herbert in 1973?

There are countless reasons being a member will benefit you and your business; however, we are only going to elaborate on a few. 

Government Affairs

To echo our slogan, the UVHBA protects, preserves and promotes the building industry in Utah, the UVHBA hosts a team fully engaged in being an advocate for its members on local, state and national issues. For example, this year the UVHBA was integral in tracing down unnecessary charges regarding building fees which were assessed on homebuilders.  Involving more than 13,500 building permits issued to about 2000 individuals and companies, thanks to our diligent efforts over $32 million will be now be refunded to those parties affected.


“A national organization that has millions pledged each year, over 160,000 members nationwide, hundreds of lobbyists working on Capitol Hill and countless others giving volunteer time to see that I stay in business. The UVHBA is the best deal ever!”

- Paul Magleby, Magleby Construction

Priceless Exposure

Being a member of UVHBA increases the exposure of your business. With an updated directory on our web site, with a click of a button, potential customers can find recommended and reputable professionals in their area. See the member list here. One can even search by trade or specialty.


Members can receive continuation for licensing through the UVHBA and the HBA. With your membership you are entitled to six, free credits. We also host a number of guest lectures, marketing seminars and networking opportunities at the monthly membership meetings, proven invaluable to a growing business.

The members also can apply for a one-time scholarship to be awarded to any member, family of a member or employee to further their education.


"Members of this association spend countless hours working with building officials and city, state and national representatives to develop fair and safe building standards. 

Through various classes and seminars offered by UVHBA, members are able to stay abreast of the latest code changes, innovations and technological advances in the building industry.

The UVHBA understands they are one of the key voices for the building industry’s future in Utah Valley. " 

- Dale F. DeLlamas, DelLamas Construction


As before mentioned, we have a monthly membership meeting with guest speakers, seminars and networking that aids in expanding your social circle and making integral connections and bonds for your company and industry. One of our most popular networking events is our semi-annual, speed-networking event where each member can build friendships as well as increase business opportunities.

It shouldn’t be all work and no play. We love our members and enjoy getting to know them as well as their families. We often have events for the family to enjoy such as picnics at the parks and parties at local venues such as Provo Beach Resort. One of our favorite events is an annual golf tournament.

Community Service

With so many needs in our community, the UVHBA is constantly giving back to the community. Most recently, the members donated time and services to construct a beautiful home to be featured in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes. Members were in a mentoring role as they rubbed shoulders with students studying construction management at Utah Valley University. Together they built a beautiful home resulting in accumulating over $35,000 in revenue to be donated back to UVU to be used as scholarship to aspiring students studying construction.

We also have notable annual events such as the Subcontractor for Santa as well as Can Build Food Drive, which give back to those in need in our area.


"The very first contact I had with the Utah Valley Home Builder’s Association was when they awarded me a scholarship to continue my education in Construction Management.  When I attended the luncheon to receive the award, I realized that this was an organization that really cared about giving back to the community and to the industry in which they were involved.  Several students from BYU, UVU and other Colleges received scholarships that day and the organization also mentioned a home they were building to help raise additional funds for other scholarships.  After a little investigation, I found out that every year around Christmas they also did several home improvement projects to help less fortunate individuals and they build a Habitat for Humanity home every couple of years with donated labor.  At the time I thought to myself, ‘When I get out of school I want to be part of that group.’

That was over 15 years ago.  And while a lot of things have changed since then, the UVHBA’s dedication to give back has not.  All of these programs not only still exist, but also have grown to bless even more lives than they did back then.  I’m proud to be a member of the UVHBA; proud to now be part of the group that reached down to grab my hand when I was just getting started.

In addition to service, the Home Builders also keep an eye on our local, state and national governments, provide an easy way for me to continue learning about the profession I love, and help me foster relationships with some really great people. 

And if all this wasn’t enough, there are some pretty sweet discounts you get from HBA partners simply for being a member.”

- Paul Ashby, Ezra Lee Design + Build

Parade of Homes

For the past 40 years, the Utah Valley Parade of Homes has been a highlight for many in Utah. A long-standing tradition for many residents of the state as well as drawing visitors from out of state, this annual event draws over 25,000 people to tour some of the most innovative ideas and designs in the home building industry.

Throughout the nearly three-week event, members of the UVHBA involved will gain priceless exposure through the magazine, garage booths or parade involvement.


"Membership in the Utah Valley Home Builders Association has been incredibly beneficial over the years. I have been able to meet and develop relationships with new subcontractors, vendors, and other industry partners. The Parade of Homes is always a wonderfully run event and has been the single-best source of exposure to the local market. Membership in the UVHBA has also opened doors into the National Association of Home Builders where I have been able to join a Builder 20 Club that has helped further develop and grow my career as a professional in the building industry.”

- Ezra Lee, Ezra Lee Design + Build

Being a member of the UVHBA is a win-win situation for anyone involved in business throughout the state of Utah. We invite you to attend a meeting to learn more about our organization, and more importantly, our group of friends. To find more information, please visit our web site or call 801-225-8893.