Government Affairs

The Utah Valley Home Builders Association is looking out for its members. Advocacy to local, state and national policy makers and other regulatory bodies on behalf of the building industry is a critical component of the HBA’s mission. Get involved by joining the Government Affairs Committee.  The Government Regulations committee meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at Noon.  Next meeting is May 23 2019  at 12:30 pm.  RSVP 801-225-8893.

*Join a Government Affairs Committee now!  Two committees working for you are..... PAC & Voter Mobilization, and Government Regulations/ Land Use Issues & Codes.   PAC at 11:30 am and Government Regulations at 12:30 pm.  Please RSVP 801-225-8893 or if you would like to join either of these committees. All members invited to attend.

City Updates:

Provo: Provo council approved the new Impact Fees at their December 11th council meeting.  Will be effective July 1, 2019.  This 82% increase from $8000 to $15,000 for a single family home is a huge hit to affordability.  UVHBA was successful in decreasing the public safety and transportation impact fees. **UPDATE. The UVHBA is working with LEI Engineering and builders on reviewing the fees. The Police Impact fee was reduced another $50 for single family homes and $25 for multi-family units. Will be voted on as a change to ordinance at Provo city council meeting May 7th.**

Payson: Payson city has just released their new Public safety impact fee facility plan.   UVHBA will review with city on May 9th on this fee.  If you would like a copy, please contact


Spanish Fork:  Spanish Fork new impact fees plan is available now before going to the city council on May 21.  The total fees are proposed to increase $295 dollars for a single family home to $10,988.13.  UVHBA is reviewing and will report to members at a later date.

UVHBA is constantly reviewing with cities their fees and challenging all IFFP's and IFA's for accuracy, law standards and fairness.  Your help with updates and meeting with city officials is appreciated!

Friends of Housing PAC plays an important role in supporting candidates who understand and  support our industry. Your contributions fund the work of responsive government and affordable housing.  Please be generous with your donations in 2019 we help elect housing friendly city council members.

May 15 Friends of Housing Golf Tournament will be held at Hobble Creek Golf Course.  The registration is full!  Thank you to all who sponsor and play.    But, you can still help our Friends of Housing PAC with a donation!  We accept corporate and personal funds. Help us elect housing friendly city councils in 2019.  Donate today!


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