Government Affairs

The Utah Valley Home Builders Association is looking out for its members. Advocacy to local, state and national policy makers and other regulatory bodies on behalf of the building industry is a critical component of the HBA’s mission. Get involved by joining the Government Affairs Committee.  The Government Regulations committee meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at Noon.  Next meeting is August 22, 2019  at 12:30 pm.  RSVP 801-225-8893.

*Join a Government Affairs Committee now!  Two committees working for you are..... PAC & Voter Mobilization, and Government Regulations/ Land Use Issues & Codes.   PAC at 11:30 am and Government Regulations at 12:30 pm.  Please RSVP 801-225-8893 or if you would like to join either of these committees. All members invited to attend.


City Updates:

The July 2019 Impact Fee Summary report is now available.  If you are a member of UVHBA and would like a copy, please email  and request a copy of the report.


UVHBA is constantly reviewing with cities their fees and challenging all Impact Fee Facility Plans ( IFFP's) and Impact Fee Analysis ( IFA's) for accuracy, law standards and fairness.  Your help with updates and meeting with city officials is appreciated!

Eagle Mountain is amending their Street Trees ordinance and Residential zones and development standards. UVHBA attended the city council meeting on July 16th and is now waiting for the revised ordinance language.  Please notify Deann Huish at to give input on our recommendations on these revised ordinances.   The amended ordinances will be visited again by City Council on July 30th.

Friends of Housing PAC:

Friends of Housing PAC plays an important role in supporting candidates who understand and  support our industry. Your contributions fund the work of responsive government and affordable housing.  Please be generous with your donations in 2019 we help elect housing friendly city council members.

Friends of Housing Political Action Committee accepts corporate and personal funds. Help us elect housing friendly city councils in 2019.  Donate today!

PRIMARY ELECTIONS AUGUST 13th.   The Friends of Housing PAC committee has been meeting with local city council candidates.  We appreciate all those who are willing to serve in their cities and recognized the great people in our valley. Some cities we will not be supporting candidates until after the primary.  These are the candidates we have come out to support and encourage you to vote for these people who understand housing, economic development and the task of leading a city:     VOTE

Provo:   Shannon Ellsworth, Travis Hoban, David Shipley, Janae Moss

Orem:  Sam Lentz, Jeff Lambson, Debby Lauret

Mapleton: Leslie Jones, Mike Nelson, Scott Hansen

Saratoga Springs:  Andrew Robinson, Ryan Poduska, Chris Porter.

Highland: Kim Rodela, Brittney Bills

Other Cities:  UVHBA supports the incumbents and will be interviewing others after the Primaries.


  • UTAH TAX REFORM. As the Utah Legislature's Tax Restructuring and Equalization Task Force works during the spring session to consider new taxes, we ask all UVHBA members to attend the July 30th meeting at UVU Sorensen building, 800 West Univ Parkway, Orem at 6 pm for the Open House and 7 pm for the Town Hall meeting.  This will be one of the last times to give our input over our objection to taxing services which could add tens of thousands of dollars to home construction!
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