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Government Affairs

The Utah Valley Home Builders Association is looking out for its members. Advocacy to local, state and national policy makers and other regulatory bodies on behalf of the building industry is a critical component of the HBA’s mission. Get involved by joining the Government Affairs Committee.  The Government Regulations committee meets on the fourth Thursday of each month with a few exceptions:

AUGUST 27, THURSDAY,    GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE MEETING.  Noon.  We will be meeting in the UVHBA  offices.

                           CONSTRUCTION AS AN ESSENTIAL SERVICE.  

As many construction workers across the nation continue to stay on the job, their safety and health remains our top priority.  Please visit to see how you can help keep construction going through these difficult times. As the State of Utah is presently in the "Yellow" status, job sites are open and workers are asked to keep 6 feet of social distancing and keep safe.


*Join the Government Affairs Committee now!  Our goals working for you are..... PAC & Voter Mobilization, Fees and Government Regulations/ Land Use Issues & Codes.    Please RSVP 801-225-8893 or if you would like to join the committee. All members invited to attend.  Regularly scheduled meeting is  August 27th. This meeting will be in our UVHBA offices in Vineyard, Utah.   GA Committee members receive many updates weekly as to Impact Fees, Essential Service requests and more --- stay in the know and join the Government Affairs Committee.


City Updates:


UVHBA is constantly reviewing with cities their fees and challenging all Impact Fee Facility Plans ( IFFP's) and Impact Fee Analysis ( IFA's) for accuracy, law standards and fairness.  Your help with updates and meeting with city officials is appreciated! July 2020 the new Impact Fee Summary Report was sent to all members in their emails.



EAGLE MOUNTAIN council voted on June 2nd the Parks and Recreation fee into effect September 2, 2020.  The new fee is city wide.  Single Family $3,690 and Multi-family will be $2,588.    UVHBA hired an expert consultant who helped us get the proposed fee from $7,377 and $7,013 down to the $3,690 fee.  This is a success to pay fair fees, but some of our issues were not addressed. We have submitted a request for an advisory opinion from the Utah state Ombudsman office.

Other particular interest is the Eagle Mountain Culinary Water impact fee that requires a new impact fee for a one-time development charge of $6,839 in addition to the cities impact fee.  This impact transfer fee to CWP did pass and will become effective August 20th.

Transportation Impact Fee Amendment showed a decrease in fee from the city consultant report to $3,440 from the current $3800.(South area.)   All 3 areas showed a decrease in the current fee.  This Roads impact fee was tabled by the council and has no date of coming back for consideration.  *UVHBA encourages all builders to consult their attorney on requesting a refund on any plan permits submitted after May 5, 2020.  You may be entitled to a refund.*   UVHBA is waiting for an opinion on this matter and Parks/Rec from the Utah State Ombudsman.

We all need to thank 8 Builder/Developers of the UVHBA for funding these costly expert consultant summaries.  Because of their support, we all benefit in being the voice for fair and equitable fees.


LINDON CITY  has a new Parks and Trails Master Plan and new Impact Fee Facility Plan (IFFP). The new Master Plan draft was considered by council on April 13 and accepted. We are pleased with the new draft and our concerns were all addressed.  The IFFP and IFA reports will be voted on August 17th.  The proposed draft fee is increasing slightly for single family to $5097.  The Multi-family proposed new fee is jumping from $1500 to a proposed $4927!   UVHBA is in communication with the city to have this fee reduced.   The city is also waiting for the new Storm Drain IFA to be completed.


SARATOGA SPRINGS council voted on June 2, 2020, a new Transportation Impact Fee of $1,761.36  effective September 2, 2020.

Saratoga Springs has announced new Low-Impact Development (LID) Storm Drainage Requirements.  Please visit for details or contact Saratoga Springs Engineer, Gordon Miner.


SPRINGVILLE CITY  voted into ordinance on July 21 2 new impact fees:  PI and Culinary Water.  There are two districts in the city, one has PI available and the east side does not. To keep consistencies in these charges for water, the council voted for a combined fee of $2,511 for a citywide fee structure.  This new fee will be effective October 21, 2020.      The city and their consultant Hansen, Allen & Luce, viewed the UVHBA's input as a partnership and allowed some of our concerns to be heard and agreed to a lesser fee concerning some line items.  The UVHBA saved per ERU approximately $112 /unit.

Springville city council will be voting on new impact fees for Power and Sewer at their upcoming August 4th council meeting at 7 pm.  The draft of the sewer impact fee shows a reduction of the fee.


American Fork  NEW DATES.  Impact Fees rescheduled. A new date not announced yet.   A new draft of the Impact Fee Facility Plan is not available yet.


SPANISH FORK:  City council voted on June 2, 2020, on new Impact Fees.  City wide:

Power, $1,537.84      Storm water $730.   PI $2,278.    Wastewater $2,248.85.   Roads $796.68   Park/Rec $4,795.  Culinary Water $1,316.  Public Safety $553.78 .    This reflects a $3,041 increase or 27%.   These new fees become effective September 2, 2020.


PAYSON AND SALEM CITIES both have shared some IFFP's and IFAs with us.   Payson will be having the council hear public comment on the Sewer, PI and Culinary Water draft impact fees on August 19th at 6:00 pm.   Salem will have public hearings at the August 19th meeting.


If you are interest in any certain cities, please contact Deann Huish.  Also, if you have an interest in reviewing and giving input on these new impact fees please email   Your input is valuable and needed as we continue to work with cities on fair and equitable fees.


Other cities just now conducting new Impact Fee Facility Plans are: Santaquin Roads; and Mapleton  will begin the process early summer 2020.

Friends of Housing PAC:

Friends of Housing PAC plays an important role in supporting candidates who understand and  support our industry. Your contributions fund the work of responsive government and affordable housing.  Please be generous with your donations in 2020, we help elect housing friendly city council members.

Friends of Housing PAC Golf Tournament was held on  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17TH  at Hobble Creek.  Thank you to SUNPRO our major sponsor and all sponsors and players who helped us gain proceeds for our PAC.  We netted $7800 !!



The Friends of Housing PAC had a 86% success rate with candidates winning their races.  Thank you to all who voted!

Friends of Housing Political Action Committee accepts corporate and personal funds.  Donate today!

CITY COUNCIL ELECTIONS.   The Friends of Housing PAC committee met with local city council candidates in 2019.  We appreciate all those who are willing to serve in their cities and recognized the great people in our valley.

New city council members will be sworn in January 2020:

Provo:   Shannon Ellsworth, Travis Hoban, David Shipley,

Orem:  Terry Peterson,  Jeff Lambson, Debby Lauret

American Fork: Clark Taylor,  Rob Shelton, Kevin Barnes.

Pleasant Grove: Cyd LeMone, Eric Jensen. Brent Bullock.

Cedar Hills: Mike Geddes, Brian Miller

Lindon: Carolyn Lundberg, Randi Powell, Mike Vanchiere.

Vineyard: Tyce Flake,  Cristy Welsh.

Mapleton: Leslie Jones, Therin Garrett, Jessica Egbert,

Saratoga Springs: , Ryan Poduska, Chris Porter. Christopher Carn

Highland: Kim Rodela, Brittney Bills Timothy Ball.

Lehi: Paige Albrecht, Johnny Reville, Mike Southwick.

Eagle Mountain:  Curtis Colby, Carolyn Love. Jared Gray.

Springville: Matt Packard, Liz Crandall, Patrick Monney

Spanish Fork: Brandon Gordon, Chad Argyle, Stacy Beck.

Payson: Brian Hulett, Linda Carter, Doug Welton.

Woodland Hills:  Karl Malkovich Bob Ottley, David Pratt

Santaquin: Lynn Mecham. Jennifer Bowman, David Hathaway


  • UTAH TAX REFORM.  No service tax on construction was included in the new Tax Reform bill.  The UVHBA and HBA of Utah were successful in keeping this unaffordable housing tax out of the tax reform.
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