Where Does the Money Go from Ticket Sales?

It's that time of year! The Utah Valley Parade of Homes is planning another phenomenal parade including nearly 40 homes this year. Have you ever wondered where the money you paid for your ticket to the Parade of Homes is going?

While you’re touring alongside 26,000 other attendees admiring these magnificent homes spread across our valley this spring, we thought you might want to proceeds from the ticket sales are going right back into our community.

First of all, the builder does not receive one penny from the ticket sales. In fact, they had to pay a fee just to be included in the parade. Many builders spend money out of their own pocket to promote their home throughout the parade as well as paying their own staff to take tickets and to maintain the home.

The Utah Valley Home Builders Association hosts the forty-four year-old tradition. With the sales of the tickets they have in turn given back particularly in the education circuit. They have long-established scholarships at Brigham Young University and at Utah Valley University and have awarded thousands of dollars to benefit many students pursuing an education. Additionally, the UVHBA offers several scholarships annually to members of the UVHBA and their families. Most recently, the sale of the Wolverine Home featured in last year’s parade, built by South Haven homes, netted nearly $40,000 for the Utah Valley University Construction Management Department earmarked for scholarships.

Each year, members of the association also volunteer their time in the beloved “Subcontractor for Santa” event where our members aid in those who are in need such as making repairs for those people are unable to afford it. 

The UVHBA also has a committee who is actively representing the homeowners by diligently working to keep housing costs down and ensuring they have a voice in government and on Capitol Hill. “We are continuously working to protect, preserve and promote the building industry in Utah,” explained Steve Caldwell, executive officer of the Utah Valley Home Builders Association. 

Members not only comprise of builders and designers, there are members of various trades including car dealers, auto repair, banks and carpet cleaners. To become a member or to learn more about the association visit www.uvhba.com.