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 The Utah Valley Home Builders Association is looking out for its members. Advocacy to local, state and national policy makers and other regulatory bodies on behalf of the building industry is a critical component of the HBA’s mission. Get involved by joining the Government Affairs Committee.  The Government Affairs committee meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at Noon.  This is a new day and time for 2018!!   Next meeting is January 25, 2018  at Noon.  RSVP 801-225-8893.    Below are the current items the committee is working on:

  *Provo SWPPP New Fee:  Voted into law by city council on October 17, 2017:  Site Area SWPPP Fee 0 ‐ 0.5 Acres $250.00 0.51 ‐ 1.00 Acres $325.00 1.01 ‐ 5.00 Acres $400.00 5.01 ‐ 10.00 Acres $600.00 10.01 ‐ 20.00 Acres $800.00 20.01 ‐ 50.00 Acres $1,000.00 > 50 Acres $1,400.00

*  A Class Action Law Suit against Timpanogos Special Service District (TSSD) is moving forward to recover impact fees paid since 2009.  Both lawsuits have been settled !!  The class action suit went to court and a judgement resulted in 54% of the impact fees paid from 2009-2014 to be recovered to the applicant who took out the building permit.  The law firm of Kirton & McConkie has been secured by Anderson, Call & Wilkinson, to help move the lawsuit forward. Visit the website www.tssdcase.com  OR  www.tssdsettlement.com  for more details.

 * FRIENDS OF HOUSING PAC .   The Friends of Housing PAC is proud to announce that our efforts were successful with 82% of our backed politicians winning their seats.  Please continue to donate to Friends of Housing PAC to keep housing friendly officials in office.

*IMPACT FEES. 2017 is definitely a busy year for our local municipalities to revisit their Impact Fee studies.  Your input matters! As we continue to challenge cities studies and fees, your involvement is noted and matters as city councils make their final decisions.

Saratoga Springs  passed new Culinary and Secondary Water impact fees on November 14. Effective on February 14, 2018, the Secondary Water impact fee at plat recording will be $21,012 per Irrigable Acre. Building Permit impact fee for secondary water will be $5,042.  Culinary Water impact fee will be $2190. There are many stipulations concerning well water, CUWCD and if you have a credit with the city for water. Please contact the city directly for all stipulations and qualifications since they cannot all be listed here and vary from site to site.

American Fork  , Impact fees were raised $3,500 to a total of $17,156 at the July 11th council meeting.  In effect October 10, 2017.  UVHBA was effective in getting the Road Impact Fee lowered from the proposed $5000 to $3,548.       

Provo is just beginning the process of hiring a firm to do their IFFP.  They hired Zions Public Finance.

Salem council voted March 15 to have a new impact fee: Transportation.  This new impact fee of $1,460 became effective on June 19th. UVHBA was involved in monitoring this impact fee and the new fee was reduced $1,000. 

Payson had a completed Water, Public Safety and Parks/Recreation IFFP completed.  UVHBA found some errors in the study and so Payson is now waiting for the new IFFP to be completed.  The issues pointed out by UVHBA in Payson will save builders $550.  

Spanish Fork council voted on April 18th for their new IFFP and IFA.  The sum of all impact fees in Spanish Fork will be going down $122.  Great job Spanish Fork!!!

Eagle Mountain city council voted on a new Transportation/Road impact fee May 2.  They are based on location in the city:  North Transportation Impact Fee raising to $2,268.  South Impact Fee $3,800 and the West Transportation Impact Fee raising to $1,928.  Effective August 1, 2017. UVHBA representatives met with the city before the fees went to Council and the North Impact fee was reduced by $1000!!

Orem  is reviewing their new Impact Fee Facilities Plan with UVHBA.  The first IFFP is done - Parks/Recreation and it is proposed for a $808 fee.  If you would like to be involved, please contact Deann at the UVHBA office,  801-372-3900 or deann@uvhba.com.   Orem currently does not have any impact fees and this could be a considerable new cost for building.

Other cities are in the process of new Impact fee studies include: Pleasant Grove and Lehi. 

 Friends of Housing PAC plays an important role in supporting candidates who understand and  support our industry. Your contributions fund the work of responsive government and affordable housing.  Please be generous with your donations in 2017.  Every city in Utah county will be electing mayors and city council members in 2017.  UVHBA with your help, will examine and support responsible city leaders who understand the important task of affordable housing.  We have raised $10,180 net!   Please DONATE today!  Your $50 or whatever you can contribute goes a long way in supporting housing.



 *Preserve Your Business NOW - The Home Builders Association has saved you more than $30,000 per home, plus tens of thousands per year in business costs; and, help to stimulate the housing market. Join the HBA Now. You can’t afford not to!



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