Committee Information

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Membership/Retention This committee develops and implements plans to increase membership and retention of current members.  They motivate members to be actively involved with the UVHBA.  Unity between Builder and Associate members is developed.
Community Service This committee supports local communities with worthwhile service projects.  The annual SubContractors for Santa safety and comfort repairs program is handled by this committee.
Government Affairs This committee is responsible for interfacing with the State and local municipalities to maintain positive relations, provide bilateral information flow, and avoid adverse government regulation on the home building industry in Utah Valley.
 Parade of Homes™ Steering Committee Oversees, coordinates, and plans the annual Utah Valley Parade of Homes™ event.
 POH: Builder Liaison  The direct connection with parade builders throughout parade process and event. 
 POH: Builder Tool Box Prior to parade, clean and prepare tool boxes and parade supplies for parade builders' use. Assess supplies needed for each tool box. After parade, clean tool box's and prepare for next year's use. 
 POH: City Liaison/Signs  Produce directional and lawn signs for the Parade. Coordinate with cities to place in designated locations to advertise event.
 POH: Garage Exhibitor Booths/Cars  Help sell garage booths and car space to participating companies. Measure garages to mark spaces available before Parade of Homes. Monitor garages during event. 
 POH: Parade Partnerships Assist in building business relationships with companies to partner with the UVHBA to produce the annual Parade of Homes event.
POH: Inspections  Builders not in the present year's Parade of Homes™ do complete inspections of Parade Houses. 
 POH: Judging  Help develop criteria for judging the Parade homes.
 POH: Map  Drive Parade route to determine the best roads for the printed Parade map.
POH: Parade Celebration  Plan and execute the Parade Celebration event.
 Education Committee is responsible for organizing and scheduling Education courses and education events through the UVHBA.  Education through the UVHBA will provide CE/DOPL and NAHB credits to both the UVHBA and our community, members or non-members.
Social Events Committee will organize and plan UVHBA events, including GMM's, social events, Parade of Homes celebration, and the holiday dinner event.  Committee members will assist in scheduling keynote speakers for events, securing venues, and assist UVHBA staff with meeting set-up and check-in.  Enthusiastic, social, fun, and creative members needed
Cougar House Responsible for organizing and building the Cougar House which will be displayed in the annual Parade of Homes event.  Committee will donate proceeds of the home to the Cougar Club Scholarship Fund.
 Spike Club  Recruit and retain members to the association. Sponsor six new members to become a "Spike". 
 Century Club  Donate $100 to the Century Club to fund the Christmas Party and door prizes. Receive advertising at all General Membership Meetings and the Christmas Party.
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"Every man owes part of his time and money to the business or industry in which he is engaged. No man has a moral right to withhold his support from an organization that is striving to improve conditions within his sphere."

~ Theodore Roosevelt