5 Star Points Table


Total Points



Membership & Membership Recruitment


Continuous membership

10 points max. One point per year for continuous membership without break. *Affiliate members receive 1/2 point per year of continuous membership without break for a total of 5 points max.


New member recruitment

8 points max. One (1) point for every new member you recruit to membership


Member retention

8 points max. One-half (1/2) point for every member that renews where you are listed as the spike (sponsor).


UVHBA Approved Member Logo on member website with active hyperlink towww.uvhba.com

1 point max. Promote the UVHBA by placing the Approved Member logo on your website with an active hyperlink to www.uvhba.com. Obtain the logo by contacting the UVHBA.


NAHB Life Spike Status

1 point max. Have 25 NAHB Spike points at the end of the cycle. Spike points are tracked by NAHB determined by new members you recruit and whether they renew or not.

Board & Committee Service



Utah HBA Board Member Service

2 points max. Serve on the Board with 75% attendance.


NAHB Board Member Service

12 points max. 3 points for every NAHB meeting attended.


UVHBA Board Service

2 points max. Must have at least 75% attendance. Board member definition: Elected Board Member, Associate VP, Trades VP, 2nd Vice President, 1st Vice President, President, Past President, and Honored Associate.


Committee Member

6 points max. Two points for each committee you actively participate on with 75% attendance. (Board excluded)


Committee Chair

1 point max. Actively participate as a committee chair, with 75% attendance. (Board excluded). These points are available in addition to Committee Member points.

Event Attendance



General Membership Meetings & Networking Luncheon Attendance

3 points max. 1 point for every three meetings attended. Attendee can be member or owner manager. 3 points for 100% attendance.


Membership Drive Attendance

2 point max. One point for each drive attended.


Addl. Event Attendance

1 point max. One point possible for attendance at any other UVHBA event not already listed.


NAHB Attended Event

1 point max. Attend NAHB International Builders Show this year.


Utah HBA Attended Event

1 point max. Attend at least one Utah HBA sponsored event this year, i.e. Dream Home Expo exhibitor or attendee, Installation Dinner, Golf Tournament participant.

Parade of Homes® Participation



POH Builder Participation

6 points maximum. 1 point for each home entry as a Parade builder in the last 6 years.


POH Exhibitor Participation

1 point max for participating as a parade exhibitor this year.


Parade of Homes Magazine Ad

1 point max. Purchase ad space in the Parade Magazine publication this year?

Donations & Sponsorships



PAC Contribution

1 point max. Donate a minimum of $100 to PAC at the time of your membership renewal, and help us elect municipal councils that are friendly to the industry. Minimum of $100 donation.


Century Club

1 point max. Donate $100 to Century Club, which provides prize drawings at our meetings throughout the year.


Featured Listing

1 point max. Purchase and/or renew an online featured listing for $100.



4 points max. Sponsor an event and market your company.

$5,000 or more = 4 points
$2,500 - $4,999 = 3 points
$500 - $2,499 = 2 point

Community Service



Job Shadow Sponsor

1 point max. Provide 1 job shadowing experience to a BYU or UVU CM student


SubContractors for Santa Service Project

1 point max. Donate time and/or materials towards at least one project. UVHBA staff must have record that you have participated in this service project.


Cougar House Participation

1 point max. Donate time and/or materials towards the project.


Special Projects/Activities

10 points max. Points can be earned for service, projects, etc. that demonstrate commitment and dedication to the association and/or the community. participation in activities may include but are not limited to; BYU/UVU Roundtables, Career Days, Community Action, speaking engagement, mentoring program, special assignments, task force participation, etc. All projects must be approved by UVHBA office and points will be determined by level of participation.