5 Star Member Program




The purpose of this program is to: 

1. Recognize member commitment and participation with the UVHBA
2. Encourage member involvement within the association
3. Determine the allocation of 25 home slots in the annual Parade of  Homes™


In an effort to bring additional value to our membership and set members apart, the UVHBA has created the 5 Star Member Program. A Star rating is earned annually, using the total number of points a member receives for participation in meeting attendance, event attendance, committee participation, sponsoring events, and other activities outlined in Table 1. Star ratings fro each member of the association will be marketed in various mediums throughout the year. 

Every UVHBA member has the opportunity to earn a 5 Star Member status using the outlined criteria in the Points Table.

Points Translate Into A Star Rating

1 Star: Be a member of the UVHBA for 1 year and/or earn up to 9 points (awarded on 1 year 

2 Stars: 10 - 19 points

3 Stars: 20 - 29 points

4 Stars: 30 - 34 points

5 Stars: 35+ points


What are the Benefits of Earning Points? 
Members who achieve a 5 Star Member status will be listed as a 5 Star Member in the membership directory published and distributed during the Parade of  Homes™ and found online. Other incentives may be added from time to time.

Additionally, Builder members who apply to put a home in the Parade will be ranked comparatively according to the total number of points he/she has earned throughout the previous point cycle. A ranking list of all Parade applicants will be released to the membership, and the top 25 builders will be able to enter a home in the upcoming Parade. 

When Does the Star Cycle Start and End?

The point cycle begins November 1st and ends on October 31st to correlate with the Parade application process.

How Do Members Know the Number of Points Each Event is Worth? 

A point emblem showing the number of points possible for any specific event/activity   will be visible on all advertising for the event.

How Can Members Check Their Points To Date and Ask Questions?

Contact the UVHBA office by phone at 801-225-8893 or email lexi@uvhba.com for point status or program questions. 

How do Members Earn Points?

Click HERE for the Points Table

Are There Any Special Features of the Program I should Know About? 

Points are not transferable. However, multiple members working for the same company may combine points together to apply for a single or multiple Parade home entry(s). This allows new Builder members to qualify for the Parade in a reasonable amount of time. 

New members obtain 1 Star status upon their first annual renewal. Points are valid for the year of participation only unless otherwise indicated in the Points Table.

Points must be verified and documented by the UVHBA staff and member must be in good standing, with no written complaints filed against them either by another member or a consumer, in order to receive the benefits provided. Please refer to the UVHBA Ethics Code for the complete definition of "good standing". You may request a copy by contacting the UVHBA office at 801-225-8893 or emaillexi@uvhba.com.

Board of Directors may change this program from time to time.