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 The Utah Valley Home Builders Association is looking out for its members. Advocacy to local, state and national policy makers and other regulatory bodies on behalf of the building industry is a critical component of the HBA’s mission. Get involved by joining the Government Affairs Committee.  The Government Affairs committee meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at Noon.  Next meeting is January 24, 2019  at Noon.  RSVP 801-225-8893.    Below are the current items the committee is working on:

*IMPACT FEES. 2018  was a year like no other in city updates and changes to Impact Fees.  UVHBA Impact Fee Summary Report which shows all Utah County cities impact and building permit fees for single family homes, will have the latest edition out January 2019.  

*Join a Government Affairs Committee now!  Two committees working for you are..... PAC & Voter Mobilization, and Government Regulations/ Land Use Issues & Codes.   Both committees will be meeting together on Thursday, January 24 at noon.  We will discuss 2019 issues and set goals for the year.  All members invited.  Please RSVP  801-225-8893 or

Lehi City: The city of Lehi has just provided us with a copy of their new Impact Fees for...Culinary Water, PI, Sewer, Parks, and Power.   A total increase of $630 per single family home.  The council heard public comments on October 23rd. If you would like to review the IFFP's please contact Deann at 801-372-3900 or immediately.  The council will be voting on the new fees November 6th. 

Saratoga Springs   Saratoga Springs council approved new impact fees for Sewer and Storm Drain on July 3.  The new fees are:  Sewer (all one citywide district now) $838.  Please remember the TSSD impact fee is $1708 in addition to the city fee. The present rate for Sewer are $642 to $1020 depending on what zone district you are building in.   The Storm Drain impact fee is now $2065/acre.  This is up from $1776/acre.   The new Impact Fees will be effective October 3, 2018. 

Provo  council approved the new Impact Fees at their December 11th council meeting.  Will be effective July 1, 2019.  This 82% increase from $8000 to $15,000 for a single family home is a huge hit to affordability.  UVHBA was successful in decreasing the public safety and transportation impact fees.  The council is still open to discussion on these fees though February 2019.  

ALSO... Provo City Asphalt Overlay Conditions:    Ivory Homes and other developers and excavators made a formal request from the Utah State Ombudsman requesting a decision on Provo City's Asphalt Overlay fees and inspection fees validity.  The Ombudsman gave an opinion citing in favor of  Ivory Homes and excavators that the  fees paid did not satisfy the extent of the exaction test and the fees are not proportionate because the contractor could fulfill the process at a much lower cost. Any leftover funds should be refunded to Ivory Homes when the city finishes the one-inch overlay on the roads within the subdivision.  This is a great outcome for Ivory and the building industry.  For a complete copy of the Advisory Opinion from the Ombudsman, please request from  

Payson    Parks/Recreation Impact Fee was tabled again on October 17th.  UVHBA  countered that only Historical costs of land and improvements should be used in the calculations of fees.  The city council reversed their vote of July 18th on the Water Impact Fee, and approved the new version of the IFFP.   The fee did not change from $1867.  The Public Safety fee was voted in July 18 and will be effective October 18.   Current Water impact fee is $1236 - New water impact fee is $1867.   The current Public Safety impact fee is $405 - New public safety impact fee is $600.   UVHBA was successful in getting the Public Safety impact fee reduced $170 !    This has been a very long and confusing process.  We are all waiting to see what the city approves for the Parks IFFP.

 Friends of Housing PAC plays an important role in supporting candidates who understand and  support our industry. Your contributions fund the work of responsive government and affordable housing.  Please be generous with your donations in 2018.    Golfers at the August 26 Fox Hollow tournament helped us raise an additional $510 for our Friends of Housing PAC.   Please consider giving a generous tax deductible donation to the Utah Valley Friends of Housing PAC.  2019 we will be electing new city officials. Your PAC dollars goes a long way in electing housing friendly politicians.

 Housing Affordability:  Ivory Homes has announced $200,000 annual Ivory Prize for Affordable Housing.   Clark Ivory, CEO of Ivory Homes, announced the creation of Ivory Prize for Housing Affordability, an annual $200,000 program to seek innovation ideas from throughout the nation in the areas of construction and design, public policy and regulatory reform, and finance.  Private-sector organizations, nonprofit groups and public-private partnerships are encouraged to enter, as are individuals.  Preliminary entries are now closed. Finalists will be named in Feburary 2019, with winners announced in March. 


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